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Marca Life Planning - Marca Advisor Program (MAP)  Financial Therapy

Human behavior and money is not always a rational relationship. By opening up communication, a financial therapist and life coach helps you sort out any issues you may have with money. You’ll make progress faster than working with a planner alone.

Be introspective, understand your motivations, and increase awareness of your relationship and reactions to money. Choose to experience financial therapy as a couple, and build a stronger bond as you learn more about one another’s money motivators. Gain insight and the ability to make financial decisions that reflect your desires as an individual or a couple.

Feel empowered to act and battle these and other common financial behaviors.
  • Spending Uncontrollably
  • Depriving Yourself Despite Having the Means to Live Better
  • Maintaining the Lifestyle of Adult Children
  • Serial Borrowing
  • Guilt and Shame Over Poverty or Wealth
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Marca Financial Therapy