Planning for Life's Journey
Marca Life Planning
Marca Life Planning - Marca Advisor Program (MAP)  Kinder Life Planning
Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out on your life’s purpose?

Are you ready to give meaning to your money?

The Kinder Life Planning experience leads you down the path to your dreams. Through open communication with our planners and the EVOKE™ process, you’ll create a life plan focused on you and not your money. We explore your relationship with money and the obstacles to your life goals. Our planners consider the behavioral, spiritual, emotional, and financial strengths of the client as a whole.

Creating a life plan with Marca® Life Planning gives you concrete behaviors to meet your life’s goals. When you work with us, we act as your mentor and coach in reaching your dreams.

You’ll gain confidence and hope as you…
  • Examine your roots and why you make certain decisions about money;
  • Identify the messages keeping you from taking action;
  • Learn how to make the best decisions in the world of money.
Begin using your money to live a more meaningful life. No matter what your age, you can find the freedom to live your dreams and reach balance in your life.
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Marca Life Planning
Learn how our concept of
Life Planning is actually
Financial Planning done right.