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Marca Life Planning
Marca Life Planning - Marca Advisor Program (MAP)  Later Life Planning

Make a seamless transition to life over 70 by establishing your Later Life Plan. When working with Marca® Life Planning, we are proactive in ensuring security in your later life. Our planners work with professionals, Geriatric Care Managers, Investment Managers, and Attorneys,  dedicated to making your Later Life Plan complete.

Our Later Life programs include:

Living to 100
Marca Life Planning - Retirement Income
Together, we define your goals for aging and outline the aging costs of living to your life expectancy. We help you prepare for the natural declines and unexpected events that come with aging.

Living to 100 with Chronic Conditions
Marca Life Planning - College Funding
Together, we define your goals for aging. With your chronic condition in mind, we outline your special aging costs. We examine the likely progression of your disease while preparing you for both expected and unexpected events. By identifying all available personal, private, and public resources, we develop a strategy to lead you to the best possible outcome.

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Marca Life Planning - Later Life Planning