Planning for Life's Journey
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“…the future belongs to those who prepare for it.”
                                               – Dr. Robert Butler

Retirement Income
Marca Life Planning - Retirement Income
Be prepared for retirement by utilizing Marca® Life Planning’s years of expertise in distribution planning. No matter when we meet – early or late in your retirement - our planners can optimize your portfolio income with our Buckets of Money and Lifestyle Withdrawal programs.

When it’s time to retire, be confident in strategies to make your money last. As your guide, Marca® Life Planning will manage your portfolio and help you make financial decisions balancing investment return and longevity risks.  Gain peace of mind with a solid retirement plan.

Retirement is just the beginning. It’s your time to start doing what you always wanted to do.

College Funding
Marca Life Planning - College Funding
Paying for your child’s college education may be the most important investment of your life. The more you know about college financing, the more you can maximize the use of other people’s money. We help you develop an accumulation plan for funding college.

College planning is retirement planning. By being prepared to fund college, you’ll be able to retire on time or buy a vacation home debt-free. We offer the CARE, CARE Plus, and Fallen Heroes programs to help make the process easier.

Financial IndependenceMarca Life Planning - Financial Independence
Make your money work for you and live life on your own terms. Financial independence requires discipline, planning, knowledge, and a little bit of luck.  

The planners at Marca® Life Planning work closely with you to design and execute a clear and comprehensive strategy based on your financial circumstances and your goals in life.

We construct your investment portfolio with clear objectives. By reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis, we’ll make sure your investment is positioned to take advantage of opportunities and continues to meet your evolving financial needs.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Financial Planning, Capital Accumulation or Wealth Management, we’ll be your guide down the path to financial independence.
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